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All our prices include: Taxes, extended insurance coverage and unlimited mileage (KM)
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Car Rental in Monterrey

Car rental MAXIRent. Our car rental service offers to our clients a variety of cars from economy to luxury cars placed at your disposition.

Some of our car models for rent are: Tiida, Sentra, Altima and Tsuru. Call or visit our locations and choose the car you need.

Only few cars are as efficient as Compact cars to tour the city. MAXIRent of Monterrey gives you options during the car rental process to help you choose the vehicle that is best suited for you.

Automobile, compact and economic car rental is as easy as visiting one of our 4 locations around Monterrey´s heart.

Altima Tiida Tsuru Sentra March Rent with chauffeur

Passenger Van Rental in Monterrey

If you have a planned trip MAXIRent has what you need. Whether it´s a 15 passenger van for a party or an event, or a 7 passenger van for a family trip our van rental will have it at your disposition.

Visit us and see for yourself!

Confirm that MAXIRent will give you the best rates on Van rental in Monterrey, contact us today and prove it.

Some of our models for rent are: Avanza, Xtrail, H100, Hiace, Sienna or Urvan. Visit our locations and choose the van that you need.

Hiace X-Trail H100 Wagon Urvan Rent with chauffeur

Cargo Pickup Truck Rental in Monterrey

For all types of transportation the right cargo pickup truck rental in Monterrey can sometimes be confusing.

Without doubts the best is to have options from where to choose and for the cargo pickup truck rental in Monterrey there’s no better place than MAXIRent.

In our wide selection of cargo pickup truck rental you will find many economic options on pickup truck rental for these purposes and more.

F350 RAM-400 PickUp Doble Cabina

Stake Bed Truck Rental in Monterrey

When considering the stake bed truck rental in Monterrey is necessary that the type of products you want to transport would be handle appropriately.

If what you need is a refrigerated stake bed for your products keep in mind that the refrigerated stake bed truck rental with MAXIRent is the easiest way.

Stake Bed Truck Refrigerated Stake Bed Truck Dry-Box Stake Bed Truck
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